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Investing in buy-to-let property

11 Dec 2014

The buy-to-let property investment is a low risk alternative to the traditional investment options, which has been used by the world's wealthiest individuals and institutions to create high returns that are smooth, stable and predictable.

Buy-to-let property offers multiple, and therefore higher returns, in th form of an immediate and ongoing inflation-linked income, as well as long-term capital growth.
These returns are also smooth, steady and predictable. The rental also increases each year in line with inflation or with the 10% stipulated in the lease. This creates a passive, inflation -linked income for life and beyond. The investor also enjoys steady capital appreciation on the property itself, as the value increases over time.
Property price inflation is not at the mercy of a stock market crash, but a steady
percentage annual growth.

Investors are advised to select the right properties in a well run complex, in a select area that will attract and retain quality tenants. The monthly rental generated should
cover most if not all the expenses including the bond repayments. There may be a shortfall in the first few years , but as the rental increases each year and the bond repayments remain static the property will soon break even and then starts to show a profit each month.

In conclusion the rental income and capital capital growth overtime belong to the investor, and only the investor,who remains in full control of his investment.