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SA Estate Agents better qualified 2014

20 Oct 2014

There is compulsory educational qualifications for all agents, despite the postponement of the implementation by the EAAB.
Many less committed agents have left the industry,with the result that today's agents are probably the most professional and competent that South Africa has seen.

One reason why the upgrade qualifications was necessary, was that in the last decade there has been a proliferation of financial, property and general legislation.
This makes it imperative that the agent fully understands how to how to protect their clients from the pitfalls and dangers that lie ahead for shot who are ignorant
in these matter.

Along with the improved professionalism of estate agents, there has been a huge increase in the average client's knowledge of property matters. This makes clients particularly conscious of any agent's lack of knowledge.

In a good client-agent relationship a level of trust will be established between the two parties early on, trusting his agent 's interpretation of the current facts,market knowledge, sales and negotiating skills and will trust him to deliver the best solution.

Sellers should consider the following before appointing an agent:

1.Will the agent introduce only pre qualified buyers to the property
2.Show the seller up-to-date neighbourhood prices and trends.
3.Present the seller with a comprehensive Comparative Market Valuation plus marketing plan.
4.Will the agent give regular feedback on the marketing process.
5. Negotiate the commission payable for a successful final sale.

These factors all contribute to a qualified professional agent who will act in the
seller and purchaser's best interest,